Do you want to make room for something new, clear out expensive storage units or just enjoy a cash return on furnishings that are no longer of use to you? Consign Design has a seamless buying and selling process clearly articulated for any serious seller and/or purchaser. Our iconic pieces are perfect for anyone with extraordinary style but with a limited budget. Consign Design only accepts high-quality, lovingly maintained pieces. Most importantly, our clients are looking for your furniture.

What makes us unique is that we offer an alternative to buying copies and reproductions given our focus on authored design. Policies and pricing are clearly articulated and easily accessible for interested buyers and sellers.

How It Works

Step 1: Send an email to with a picture and brief description of what you would like to sell. Please be sure to include item dimensions. If the information is available, please include brand, year purchased, and a brief condition report. You will be notified within 48 hours as to whether Consign Design is a good fit.

Step 2: If it is a good fit, and you are in the Edmonton area, then we can make arrangements for you to drop the items off within our business hours or we do offer a pick up service for a fee. (note someone needs to be available to help load the items)

Step 3: We determine a selling price. Selling prices are based on an items current local value, the condition of your item and current market appeal.

Step 4: Consign Design will send a contract based on an agreed selling price. 


Contract Terms

▪ Items are to be consigned with Consign Design for 120 days from the effective date with continuous routine mark-downs taking place during the term..
▪After 120 days’ further price reductions are made at our discretion.
▪Consigner will receive 50% of the final selling price unless other arrangements have been made. If an item needs refinishing we can do that and the split changes to 40/60.  If an item needs repair or cleaning the split will change to 40/60.
▪If you wish to reclaim your items before the contract period ends, there will be an early termination charge of 10% of the beginning price.

▪Unsold items need to be picked within 7 days of the Agreement Termination Date.
▪Unsold item pick-ups must happen with our regularly scheduled business hours. Please call or email us to schedule an appointment to do so.


Selling Rights

Consign Design requires exclusive selling rights to any item being stored by Consign Design.


To view our consignment contract in full click here.